I am

I am more than what they make me Less than what they dream me to be And more, much more, than I appear to be.

A day to myself :)

Okay I should confess that everything in this video happened over a few days lol Oh and to view the video you may have to wait a little.


As the end of the year draws near, i’ve decided to switch up my monthly posts. i thought i’d set out all my posts of November here; A lot of what i post reflects my mood for the month. Somewhat. Most lie in my drafts but November had a very common theme. I wrote a…

Self respect, happiness and other teenage things.

Being a teenager in highschool means you live in a very small bubble. Your life is a mote of dust in the earth. Your school is maybe a fragment – though even that is too large. Yet that bubble is your whole life and it feels bigger than anything. The things that make you want…

Life is weird

I’m in this weird place right now where I’m both dissapointed and also pleased with myself. At the same time I’m also hyper aware of how deluded I am about certain beliefs I have about myself- both positive and negative. Though I think negatives tend to rule over that which is positive. For example, I…

Being nice

Does being nice and a people pleaser make you lose your authenticity as a person??? Because er, starting to feel like it…

Unpopular opinion

Tea is better when you pour the boiling water first and put the tea bag in last. FIGHT ME. Forgot about this segment thingy I started .

The giver and the receiver

I don’t know if the cycle ever stops. I think maybe it’s the fact of life that there are people in the world who you’ll give your heart to completely, care for immensely, love too much, and in the end they’ll give you a few crumbs. Or you’ll end up being a pawn in the…

Life itself

This was inspired by the movie “life itself”. It’s so interesting to see how sides of a story work. How when you’re upset, you unconsciously or maybe consciously omit parts of the story in which you were to blame. Perhaps you paint a different story altogether. One where you are a hero. Not a villain….


It’s the end of October. I actually can’t believe it, I still look at pictures from January and think it was yesterday. But it’s not. Fortunately or unfortunately. The whole year has felt like a dream- nightmarish, day dreamy. Never quite tangible. Just airy and unreal. And now it’s October. The end. Close. By the…